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227 awards received since 2004

2018 Student Media Awards (ITCHys)

The ITCHys & Media Awards Ceremony is the annual VCU Student Media Center end-of-the-year celebration during which we recognize the achievements of our students and their student media organizations, which exemplify the SMC’s guiding principles of (I)ntegrity, (T)enacity, (C)reativity and (H)onesty.

  • Fadel Allassan: Story of the Year (VCU “Dreamers” fear deportation awaiting Trump DACA decision)
  • Morgan Barnett: Editor of the Year
  • Amendment 2017: Cover of the Year
Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)
  • Megan Shiffres: Mark of Excellence for 1st place General News Photo 2017
  • Ink Magazine Staff: Mark of Excellence for 1st place Best Student Magazine 2017
  • WVCW Radio Staff: Mark of Excellence for 1st place Best All-Around Newscast 2017
Virginia Press Association (VPA)
  • Jesse Adcock: 1st place for Feature Story Writing 2017
  • Desiree Choe, Ryan Rich, Kim Peters, Mai-Phuong Bui, Eric Ngo: 1st place for Front Page 2017
  • Zachary Joachim: 1st place for Sports Writing Portfolio 2017
Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS)
  • Julie Rothey: Finalist for Best News Director, Radio 2018
  • Jacob McFadden: Winner for Best Business Director, Radio 2018
  • Jon Carpenter: National Finalist Outstanding Faculty Adviser 2017